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April 26, 2018

Hello beautiful ladies! Valerie here…owner of Lyte Boutique. Have you ever considered what inspires your style expression? That thing that motivates you to spice up your look with a pair of heels, trendy jacket, and cute blouse; or maybe tone it down effortlessly and easy with flip-flops, yoga pants, and a tank? It may be several reasons why we choose to look how we do on any given day. Whatever your reasons, I hope they begin with a healthy perception of yourself. We must know our worth & value. Far too often we fall into the trap of giving too much power to society. Letting our culture, or even the people closest to us define our own beauty and worth. Allowing external forces to define our perception of our own value. Unfortunately, our culture places unrealistic expectations on us. This can be draining…and confidence zapping! Thankfully, we come in all shapes and sizes. We bring different talents, gifts, and contributions to our world. Beauty expression is manifested in countless ways too! Life would be rather boring if we all look and function the same. I want to take a moment to remind each of you that we were created with unique and amazing gifts! We were each designed for very specific purposes. None of us are here by accident. Instead, we were each created by an amazing God who has a plan for us all. I know each of you contributes something different to the world we live in. Maybe your greatest contributions are at your workplace, or your thriving business, or your home, or maybe it's your church or neighborhood. Wherever it are using gifts given to you by God to do what you're doing - and this is where your true beauty lies. I hope to inspire a sense of confidence that is born from knowing who you are in God. Valuing who you were created to be. All of you shine in your own unique way, and you may get little recognition for all you do. Although I have not met many of you personally, I know that you are beautiful in your own way because you were created by an awesome God to do amazing things! I hope you are inspired to inspire someone else to celebrate their inner beauty – that’s true beauty. Now let your style reflect this truth (whether in heels, flip-flops, or sneakers) with an assurance that can’t be crushed!


Kind Regards,

Valerie Harris-Morris


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

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