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About Us

Lyte Boutique is an online women’s clothing and accessories retailer located in Southern California. We carry a variety of hand-made, eco-friendly clothing and jewelry designs. 

Our brands are of high quality, with each piece created using indigenous techniques and/or design patterns to preserve cultural diversity. We proudly support brands committed to Fair Trade within the textile and fashion industry. Through Fair Trade practices, our brands support fair wages, safe working conditions, training, and funding for marginalized artisans across the world. Fair trade is not charity. It is a movement towards empowerment by ending the cycle of poverty in impoverished regions of the world. We have partnered exclusively with Fair Trade certified brands including Indigenous, Liz Alig, Fair Trade Winds, and Passion Lilie. Brands such as these help to market the talent of underserved women artisans whose contributions to the fashion industry may otherwise go unnoticed. The brands we carry bring deserved recognition to talented marginalized women while balancing the payment scale and promoting sustainable fashion.

Furthermore, we love to celebrate you! That’s right.. YOU! Our customers. Women who were beautifully created…with unique talents…with God-given gifts. Wonderfully made women with purpose. When we sell clothes, we are doing something important. That is, we inspire you to express your beauty…your way….and shop ethically too! We understand the versatility of style, fashion, and designs. Sometimes overwhelming…I know. Here, at Lyte Boutique we hope to encourage style expression that starts from within! That is the confidence that comes with embracing your unique gifts! Unfortunately, our society has allowed too many external, unrealistic influences to define beauty. We hope you choose to confidently express who you were created to be through YOUR own style…the amazing person you want the world to see, appreciate and admire. While embracing your gifts, putting aside your burdens (if only for a moment), I hope you will feel lighter. Inspired. Beautiful!

Let your light shine, and be inspired to inspire others!

Valerie N. Harris-Morris | Owner and Founder of Lyte Boutique

John 8:12