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Pieced Leggings

  • Elastic Waistband
  • Button Knee Detail
  • Long - Scrunch Length
  • Pieced Look

PRODUCTION PROCESS:  By LIZ ALIG. Made from 100% recycled t-shirts...that's right, this was constructed from our unwanted t-shirts that were shipped to Honduras.  They are bought at local markets there - washed - new patterns are cut - and new garments are sewn.  In this small way LIZ ALIG is helping reduce the huge textile waste our clothing creates.  Also, we really love the soft and thicker feel these textiles have next to typical jersey.  That’s not even the coolest part!  These garments are sewn by an NGO in Honduras that provides free education to women living in poverty, so that they can go on to get jobs and provide for their families.